Vol 4 (2016)

Table of Contents

Health Communication

Social Norms: A Review PDF
Rajiv N. Rimal 1-28
Communication with Online Social Support Groups for Individuals Facing Health Concerns: A Review of Theory and Research on Supportive Interactions and Their Implications Online for Health Outcomes PDF
Kevin Wright 65-87
Characteristics of Narrative Interventions and Health Effects: A Review of the Content, Form, and Context of Narratives in Health-related Narrative Persuasion Research PDF
Anneke de Graaf, José Sanders, Hans Hoeken 88-131

Organizational Communication

A Long Look Back: An Analysis of 50 years of Organizational Communication Research PDF
Johny Garner, J. Parker Ragland, Megan Leite, Jordan Young, Gretchen Bergquist, Sydney Summers, Gentrie Pool, Samuel Taylor, Xi Tian, Eduardo Reyes, Micah Haynes, Trey Ivy 29-64

ISSN: 2255-4165